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2019 Children’s Day Rules


Drawing Competition Rules

1. Contestants will be judged based the age category they have registered (3-8years and 8-17 years).

2. Chart/Drawing board will be provided by NJTS (standard chart size 12×16). Kids can choose either full size or half size posters.

3. Please bring your own supplies, can be water colors, crayons, color pencils or markers.

4. Contestants should choose one of the following topics
For age 3-8
• My favourite cartoon
• My favourite festival
For age 8-17
• Super hero’s/Harry potter/LionKing/Beauty and the Beast
• Tamils native sports or arts or festival

5. Allocated time for the competition is one hour for 3-8 years and two hours for 8-17 years.

6. We encourage the children to write in Tamil if any of the phrases are included but that will not be
factored in while judging.

7. The drawings will be judged based on the creativity, uniqueness and the way it is presented.

Holiday Greeting card making

This is not a competition, it is a family activity. Family can pick the blank card, decorative materials provided and create a holiday card. NJTS will provide the required materials.

The holiday cards will be given to elderly nursing home.

Cultural’s Rules:

1. Songs cannot be repeated in the entire program. In case of repetition – first come basis will determine who gets to keep the song. All others will be informed to choose a different song. So please let us know the song used in the program.
2. Allowed duration of the performance is within 3-4 minutes
3. Minimum age of performer should be 4 years.
4. All songs / participation should be in Tamil only.
5. If you are using props – let us know in advance what it is.
6. No religious or politically motivated songs allowed.

Fancy Dress Competition Rules

1. The competition is open for children aged between 3-17 years.
2. Topic – Diversity of India. Participants can Choose one State and represent that State. If that State is already chosen by others you will be asked to choose another State.
3. Each participant should deliver a short message on the State they are representing in Tamil language , time limit is only one minute. Contestants will be stopped at the end of one minute to manage the time flow of the program.
4. There will be 3 age groups and age groups will be decided based on the number of participants.
5. No face covering masks are allowed.
6. No hazards materials allowed.
7. Sound tracks are not allowed.
8. Only solo performance is allowed.
9. Participants will be judged on the originality and creativity of the costumes matching the theme. Judges decision will be final.

Speech Competition Rules:

  • Speak in Tamil
  • Can be colloquial.
  • Limit mixing English words.
  • Can refer to notes and points.
  • Can not read from paper.
  • Finish within given time

5 – 8 years. 1 to 2 minutes
9 – 12 years. 2 to 3 minutes
13 – 17 years 3 to 5 minutes

5-8 years :

  • US Holidays, which is your favorite and why
  • My favorite past time

9-12 years :

  • What is friendship and how I spend time with my friend.
  • What I am thankful for in life

13 – 17 years:

  • What I would like the future world to be
  • If I get a chance what will I change.

Marks are based on content, clarity, relevance, originality and presentation.
Judges decision is final

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