Terms and Conditions – Annual Membership

Please read the following terms and conditions carefully

  1. 2024 annual membership payment will be processed by Paypal.
  2. All sales are final; Annual memberships are non-refundable and non-transferable.
  3. The 2024 NJTS Annual Membership offers three categories of membership for the calendar year (January to December): individual, couples, and family membership.
  4. To participate in the NJTS events, you must be a 2024 NJTS Annual Member and the final decision is subjective by the approval of NJTS office bearers.
  5. NJTS Annual Members are eligible to participate in closed networking events such as Book clubs, focus groups etc.
  6. Age between 5 years and 16 years will be consider as Child/Kid.  17 yrs. and above will be considered as Adults for the purpose of in-person events.
  7. NJTS will provide reserved seating for all Annual Members at in-person events.
  8. NJTS Annual Membership will entitle discounted entry to in-person events.
  9. NJTS reserve the right to allow discounted entry for an event during the calendar year and some event might be excluded from the discounted entry where full price ticket purchase is required.
  10. NJTS reserve the rights to adjust your seating for in-person events to accommodate physically challenged people or any unforeseen situations.
  11. Annual Members might be asked to RSVP for in-person events, so the seats can be reserved for an event. If RSVP is required for an in-person event and a member failed to RSVP within the given time then the entry to that event will be subject to availability at the venue on the event date.
  12. NJTS may provide additional benefits or discounts through  NJTS Partners  time to time. NJTS will not be responsible, if  it is changed or cancelled by NJTS Partners.
  13. Please bring a valid photo id to the in-person event; NJTS reserve the rights to check photo ID and credit card used to pay the membership fee.
  14. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at events@njtamilsangam.org
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